Our Ready-Aim-Fire process outlines the steps that take place when working with Famous Folks on any project. Our three-step process allows us to truly understand your industry and develop a strategic approach tailor-made for you. Our ultimate goal with any client is to craft a solution so infectious it will take on a life of its own.

The Process


The Ready phase allows us to uncover the ever-elusive strategic insight everyone is chasing. We get to know you. Like really get to know you. Then we get to know your consumer, who they are, what they want, where they want it and what their media consumption habits are. We strongly believe that the most important investment you will make is at the start. In order to figure out where we want to go, we must know exactly who and where we are.

Qualitative Research | Customer Analysis | Quantitative Research | Industry Reviews | Persona Development | Insight Gathering | Consumption Analysis


From the Ready phase we move along to Aim phase wherein we take what we have learned, the key insights we have uncovered and begin creative development. In keeping with strategic insight we weave messaging into our communications. How do we most affectively reach your consumer? This challenge is one we embrace wholeheartedly. With every client lies an opportunity to push and develop unique content that resonates deeply with your audience.

Brand Strategy | Content Plan | UX/UI Strategy | Website Strategy | Media Recommendations | Creative Development | Wireframes | Social Strategy


In the Fire stage we take your brand to market. This is when the blood, sweat, and tears materialize into the supercharged content that people will see, touch, and ultimately share. Brands are using content to shape their identity and tell their story online and offline. Whether it’s user generated or created by the brand itself, content is about finding unique and interesting ways to live your brand every day, in a way that truly resonates with your audience. Our extensive research and analysis in the Ready stage ensures that the content we create will make a splash similar to that of a sumo wrestler cannonballing from the top of an Olympic diving platform.

Website Launch | Product Launch | Advertising Campaign | Online Advertising | Content Marketing | Digital Marketing | Brand Identity

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