Why Famous Folks?

Talent, passion, flexibility, results. This is our recipe. Our DNA.

⁄ Passion

At Famous Folks, we truly love what we do. Whether it’s discovering a new trend or breaking an old one, we take lots of pleasure in coming up with cool and effective strategies for our clients. Are we a young company? You bet, but this comes with the benefits of energy, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to seek out new and unexpected solutions. You’ll soon realize that we’re pretty excitable—aren’t all 3 year olds?—but that this excitement is all on your behalf. And it’s a good feeling.

⁄ Talent

When you have a business model like ours, you better have a talent pool in which everyone can swim. We do. By working with Famous Folks, you’ll be linked with like-minded individuals who see things differently—people who will learn about your business, listen to all possible solutions, then let loose with ideas. It may seem like a simple approach, but that’s only if you’ve assembled the right people. We have.

⁄ Flexibility

We have no departments and no unnecessary bureaucracy. What we do have, however, is one kick-ass core team and dozens of resources. This allows us to adjust on the fly while keeping overhead down. In other words, we’re flexible. Our efficient size and expanding capabilities deliver a real advantage for clients. An advantage that brings forth the best work and the smartest use of your budget.

⁄ Results

Being famous means a lot more than 15 minutes in the spotlight. It means long- and short-term results for your business. That’s why we deliver far more than targeted creative work, including guidance in sales infrastructure and business processes. (Heck, when you have a few MBAs on board, you use them to their fullest.) Make no mistake: we are not an agency, we’re a business partner.

Really Love The Work