Athletigen - The Future of Athletic Performance

So you’re a high performance athlete. You can do a pile of pushups and when you bend over you can touch your toes. You even understand all of the obscure machines at the gym. Now, if there was a test that could breakdown your physical makeup, bringing to the forefront your strengths, but at the same time unveiling your weaknesses, would you take it? It turns out people will, lots of people.

Athletigen is a company developing tools on the cutting edge of science. A not-so-rag-tag team made up of the likes of former Olympians and PhD holders, this group is working to help high performance athletes understand their genetics better – and how those genetics can be interpreted into smarter training habits.

The Goal:

Take something very technical and make it consumable.

Key insight:

We lick our chops when we’re asked to develop brand standards for a company. We’re branding nerds. From the initial step to the final product (a thorough standards manual), we enjoy the entire process, front to back. This project started with our own rigorous primary research. We got a strong understanding of the product, who it services, what the end game is and ultimately how it needs to be positioned to the consumer. This is where we unearthed the key insight: the target is apprehensive.

Being that the product and service is so cutting edge, the focus of the messaging was on the earlier stages of the decision journey. We need to build desire for the service, while also overcoming any misconceptions or apprehension that the target may feel by informing them of the process and setting expectations. The brand to date had been very science-focused, aggressively competitive and über-masculine. We recognized that this was only half the story. Hard work and family background are central to this brand, and provide a much more relatable story.

The Results:

Through written and visual tone we demystified the process surrounding Athletigen. The brand sounds different and looks different. The images, colour pallet and even fonts are now warmer. Athletigen now feels like a person; a person in shorts and a tank top, not a person in scrubs and a lab coat. Don’t take our word for it, peep the work in the image carousel below.

If your brand needs some work hit the contact button in the toolbar and give us a shout. If you can do 50 chin-ups in a row we’ll give you a discount. Seriously.


Hard work and family background are central to this brand, and a more relatable story.