Breton Brewing Co.

Cape Breton is a special place. It’s hard to wrap your head around what makes it so unique. It’s hard to articulate what exactly makes it, it. How do you capture the true essence of a region that can’t be defined?

When 2 guys (Andrew & Bryan) from Cape Breton reached out and asked for a partner to help them brand and launch their craft beer, we were up for the test. Attempting to distil down the true essence of Cape Breton is a challenge that has escaped many before us. This is where you prove you’re worth your salt, or in this case, your hops.

The Goal:

Develop a brand that captures the true spirit of Cape Breton.

Key Insight:

Cape Bretoners are proud. Really proud. Being from Cape Breton is like a flag flown at full mast. It’s a tribe. Our branding needed to be iconic. It needed to evoke the true nationalistic pride of the Island. We came to this fundamental realization during the naming process. After exploring hundreds of naming options we (in a collaborative effort with our clients) kept coming back to Breton Brewing Co. It was the only appropriate naming option. We had an opportunity to develop a brand that spoke not only to the beer we are marketing but more importantly to the region the beer comes from. It was time to smash it out of the park. 

Our final execution was ultimately inspired by sports branding. People (especially our target demo) wear baseball caps and jerseys to broadcast their allegiances, to tell the world exactly which team they are rolling with. It’s a point of pride and a badge of honour. The Breton “B” does just that. It’s an execution that is easily recognizable and adaptable. The “B” was designed with any and every Caper in mind, whether you drink beer or not. It’s civic pride distilled down to a letter.

Throughout the naming process we discovered countless stories, tall tales and legends surrounding Cape Breton, its characters and events. The breadth of stories was truly eye opening. Cape Breton culture is built on stories and storytelling. This needed to be infused into our branding. Each craft beer has a story crafted around it. You’ll learn about Black Angus, the largest recorded giant in history; The Earl of Stirling, who was responsible for the Nova Scotian coat of arms; and finally the Sons of Hector, who traversed the Atlantic on hope and prayers in search of a better life in Canada. Have a drink and learn a thing or two.

The Results:

Breton Brewing Co. has become a point of pride in the community and will inspire more stories for years to come. There is new life and energy on the island. Shit is exciting. Now, if you want to start a movement of your own, let’s get to it.


Cape Breton culture is built on stories and storytelling



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