CF Luxury

Cadillac Fairview has 21 retail properties across Canada. Some of those are positioned as luxury retail locations. Cadillac Fairview wanted make sure they stood out from the crowd as true luxury shopping destinations.

Cadillac Fairview needed to develop a distinct voice for its luxury locations for prospective targeted luxury retailers. With an already strong list of properties and higher sales per square foot than the competition, we were tasked with elevating the position of the particular malls in eyes of global brands.

The Goal:

Position Cadillac Fairview as a leader in luxury to premium global brands.

Key Insight:

The brands we are talking to operate in the global luxury landscape. We’re talking Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton – we’re not talking Zara, H&M, and Foot Lockers of the world. These aren’t just sophisticated retailers – they are the luxuries in the world.

They strategically grow their retail footprints in small increments annually. And they don’t typically look to malls to house storefronts.

So we had to show luxury – not tell luxury. CF had to invest in quality materials and a sales story that delivered on luxury key points in a luxury manner. Not an easy task. But one we relished.

We played with luxury aspects like textures and finishings to differentiate CF amongst the Yorkvilles and High Streets. Ultimately they need to see value in a number of key criteria – Canada as country, the location and its shopper profile, and the other cluster of retailers that will be their brand neighbours.

The Results:

A successful positioning of selecting CF malls in the luxury category. The finished product was a high-end coffee table style book that portrays luxury in a beautiful and elegant manner.



Cadillac Fairview – “Where Luxury Lives”