Cadillac Fairview

Cadillac Fairview has 21 retail properties across Canada. You know that big mall you do your shopping at? It’s most likely a Cadillac Fairview property.

With so many locations coast-to-coast, Cadillac Fairview needed to develop a consistent voice that they could use when marketing the brand to prospective retailers. With an already strong list of properties and higher sales per square foot than the competition, we were tasked with helping make the best better. Not a bad task.

The Goal:

Position Cadillac Fairview to retailers as Canada’s leading shopping destination.

Key Insight:

The brands we are talking to operate on a global scale. It’s your Zaras, H&Ms and Foot Lockers of the world. These are sophisticated retailers. Ultimately they need to see value in Canada.

Cadillac Fairview locations stretch cross-country, from East to West. With this at our disposal we helped the new marketing team amplify the positioning, “Where Canada Shops.” This was turned into two main print collateral pieces: CF 101, which tells the full story of why retailers should choose the Canadian market, and why they should partner with CF. The second piece is a collection of 20 printed materials which outline what makes each Cadillac Fairview property unique.

The Results:

A successful evolution of the brand, led by the client, has been supported and welcomed by retailers across the globe. A clear definition of what CF promises to its clients and customers has allowed the organization to communicate what it will deliver to the retail world.



Cadillac Fairview – “Where Canada Shops”