Dippity-do: Girls with Curls

Dippity-Do Girls With Curls is one of those products that inspires incredible loyalty. Once they’ve tried it, curly-haired girls can’t live without it. Our job was to introduce it to audiences who’d not yet had the pleasure. It’s available in many retail outlets internationally, but our primary focus is women in the southern States, where the product is available at Walgreens.

The Goal:

Introduce Girls With Curls to young, curly-haired women in the United States.

Key insight:

Curls are hot. Very hot. They can be a source of constant pride and pain for those with the luscious locks. For those without thick curly hair, you just won’t get it. Famous Folks, in partnership with Centura Brands, wanted to help women celebrate their curls. To truly love them. And to help make those curls sing. The Girls With Curls line has what they need to make this happen.

It started with an inbound campaign Geotargeted around the Walgreens stores in question. We reached out to our target market through digital mediums. Rich content was served up, including video tutorials from curly-haired influencers and hair style e-guides with tips and tricks for caring for curls. To get the resources they wanted, the target provided us with their email address. Over the course of the campaign, the curly-haired girls got everything they asked for and more, including incentives to hit up bricks and mortar stores.

With new, fresh eyes on our Facebook page, we made the natural transition from customer acquisition to customer retention, by developing fun, quirky and clever micro content specifically for FB. This content includes a birthday S/O to Barbie, the celebration of curly hair, a bit of added motivation, and a mixtape developed exclusively for International Women’s Day.

The Results:

We’ve connected the right content and tone with the right target. Through strategic A/B testing we got to understand exactly what our curly-haired ladies reacted to – and we were speaking their language. Through valuable content, we’ve begun to generate a new and young community of dedicated Girls With Curls fans. Now that’s a reason to whip our hair. 


We wanted to help women celebrate their curls. To truly love them.



inbound campaign - total Impressions


increase in Facebook organic reach from 2014-2015