Fight For Independence

Fight for Independence is a charitable organization and event in Toronto which supports SickKids and Nazareth House. The event premise is simple – amateur boxing for a good cause. The volunteer combatants take their training seriously. Two months of really hard work all in an effort to leave the ring with hands and head held high. But in the end, the biggest winner is never crowned in the ring.

The Goal:

Our job was to inject new life into the flagship event and get more butts in seats for this amazing cause.

Key insight:

Advertising’s golden era was the 1960’s. The Mafia’s? Arguably, the 40’s. And from Madmen to The Godfather, people are attracted to the idea of revisiting a unique moment in time.

We drew upon this insight with Fight for Independence, where we invited people to revisit the golden age of not just boxing, but partying too – the roaring 1920’s. We extended the concept through every touch point; from the look and feel of the event, to stunts, to traditional and online advertising, to The visual aesthetic was bold, drawing inspiration from a very distinctive era. We collaborated with Matt Barnes who really brought the campaign concept to life. Social media played a huge role, giving fans everything from blog posts about the evolution of boxing, to wardrobe tips and tricks. The boxers themselves also got in on the fun, participating in video interviews and getting their followers pumped up for the fights with some good natured Twitter trash talk.

The Results:

The event was an undeniable success with over 1000 people in attendance. Media exposure had an estimated value of over $70,000. FFI was featured on CP24 Breakfast Television and in the Globe and Mail, among other publications. Fight For Independence was officially cemented as a “must attend” and “can’t miss” event in Toronto.

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People are attracted to the idea of revisiting a unique moment in time



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