Garden Gangsters - Once You're In, You're In

It’s pretty clear that people are trying to take better care of themselves. Health matters. But with so many health food places popping up, everything started to look the same. Carbon copies of white walls, wooden accents and recycled paper.

The Goal:

Build the black sheep of healthy restaurants. Something with a little bit of attitude, that knows it looks good and doesn’t mind admitting it.

The Insight:

Everything in this space looks the same. It looks good; but it looks the same. Not everybody that lives a healthy lifestyle can relate to airy, breathy white space and yoga poses. Some people like the busy city streets, fast paced lives and hustling hard for what they have.

When you first hear the word Gangster you might think of the more modern meaning of the word. We were’t interested in that version. We were more interested in the original gangsters. The pin striped suits, the nice cars and above all else, their idea of family.

These people have an understanding. They get each other. They aspire for the finer thing in life and they never stop hustling.

So what about the garden? How are we going to show that?

Throughout the branding we nodded to the marriage between organics and opulence. The name Garden Gangsters being the most obvious, followed by the logo; an old fashioned gun firing a blast of fruits and vegetables. But perhaps one of the most interesting ways we show it is through the restaurants themselves. With large divides running down the interior between decadent luxury spaces and gritty, green washed textures, we created a space that was architecturally different and would vary from store to store.

The Results:

Restaurants that can stand on their own and a brand that’s unique and confident in an industry that needed to be shaken up.

Our involvement in the development of this brand was significant and we’re passionate about it. Here is some of what we did for Garden Gangsters:

• Brand positioning, voice, and identity development

• Architectural and interior design of the Liberty Village location

• On premise signage

• Menu design and product naming

• Photography for food and brand content

• Social strategy and content development

• Staff uniforms

• Packaging design and materials selection

• Posters, table toppers and promo materials


Garden Gangsters – “Respect Your Hustle”