The Province of Nova Scotia is home to almost 50 craft breweries. Considering the population of Nova Scotia hovers around one million, options to wet your whistle are aplenty.

Garrison Brewing Company is the godfather of Nova Scotia’s craft brewing scene. They’ve been in business since 1997 and approached Famous Folks for their first makeover in 20 years. It was time for a facelift. Botox actually.

The Goal:

Appeal to a younger generation of beer drinkers while staying true to the brand’s longstanding identity

Key Insight:

For a brand to be around as long as Garrison it has to be doing something right. Their five main brews (India Pale, Irish Red, Tall Ship, Nut Brown, and Hoppy Buoy) are mainstays in the NSLC and in the fridges of avid craft beer consumers, hopheads and beer snobs. Options are what make Garrison awesome; they are also what made this project an especially fun challenge. We needed to set an extremely flexible foundation, one that could fit an ever evolving and growing catalogue of beers.

By stripping the box down to a plain white canvas, we immediately set ourselves apart from the rest of the craft beer on the shelves. The colourful “G” is the main identifier for each flavour, with bold, retro wordmarks laid over them. Each brand was carefully crafted, paying homage to the story that inspired it. The iconic typography is accompanied by small, stippled illustrations that have become synonymous with the rugged seaport where the brew is crafted.

The website couldn’t just be an “about us” page and a phone number. We needed something modular and ever changing. This company might be promoting a new brew one minute and a rock concert the next. They needed something that could change on the fly and look good doing it.

The Results:

The paying public have loved the rebrand and the new website. It’s been met with an overwhelmingly positive response and sales for some of the brews have gone up by as much as 33%. We successfully reminded people that Garrison is one of craft beer’s originals and their brand is now flexible enough to morph into anything. Definitely something to clink a few wobbly pops to.


Each brand was carefully crafted, paying homage to the story that inspired it.



Annual Growth. 1st place amongst all beers in Nova Scotia.