Battle of the Glen

In 2009, after a nine-year court battle, the Glenora Distillery located in Glenville County, Cape Breton emerged victorious. What was the trial about, you ask? Glenora had developed a new Whisky and they wanted to call it “Glen Breton.” The Scotch Whisky Association wasn’t having any of it.

The Goal:

Get a $150 bottle of Scotch into the hands of Whisky drinkers

Key insight:

the SWA believed that including the word “Glen” in a product name would mislead consumers into believing that “Glen Breton” is a Scotch (Scottish) Whisky. Now, Nova Scotia, AKA new Scotland, is home to 32 communities that contain the word “Glen” in their name, 16 of which are concentrated on Cape Breton Island. “Glen Breton” was a name worth fighting for. With victory in the courtroom came new breath and a reinvigorated energy in Glenville. A 15-year-old Single Malt Whisky to commemorate the court battled waged against the Scotch Whisky Association aptly titled “The Battle of the Glen” was ready to launch and it needed some branding.

We developed packaging made up entirely of press clippings from local newspaper coverage, creatively integrating Glenora’s trademark battle into the key executional insight surrounding the packaging. An emphatic “up yours” was pointed at the SWA with both words “Glen” & “Scotch” crossed out of every clipping used.

The Results:

“The Battle of the Glen” sold out before it ever hit shelves. We strategically manufactured a buzz surrounding the Whisky’s launch by utilizing our closest allies, the reporters who were featured on the packaging.

If you need a partner in the trenches, someone who isn’t afraid of air raids or mortar fire, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a shout!


An emphatic “up yours” was pointed at the SWA



bottle available in store


Year war waged agains the Scotch whisky Association