Harris East

In a time when our Instagram feeds are filled with pictures of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and #blessed selfies, Halifax’s North End has been going through a growth spurt.

Here, you’re more likely to find people who prefer obscure craft beers or a cup of fair trade coffee from an independent café. Most importantly, Halifax’s North Enders are passionate about their community, more specifically building and interacting with it. Success meant assimilating with the neighbourhood. Harris East needed to belong.

The Goal:

Raise awareness around the Harris East condo development among young professionals. As an added bonus, we aimed to sell 50% of the development on launch weekend.

Key Insight:

The North End isn’t a place where people come home from work, cook dinner, watch TV then go to bed. It is literally busting at the seams with a seemingly endless list of things to do. There is no gym at Harris East but our audience doesn’t care. They’d prefer to join a jogging club or walk down to The Commons to do yoga with friends. They don’t just see their condo as their home. Instead, they see the entire neighbourhood as their home. With that in mind, we leveraged the amazingness of the North End as the foundation of the campaign.

The North End community -vibrant, fun, welcoming, contemporary, quirky, simple, unpretentious, human and eclectic- inspired the branding we developed. From there the tagline, “live life in full colour” was developed and inspired all campaign touch points. Seems appropriate, right?

The campaign spanned traditional media, social media, website, e-blasts, content marketing, PR, showroom/sales centre, building-site signage and more. We also promoted and hosted a VIP launch event to begin selling the condos with a bang.

The Results:

One of the biggest decisions in your life is where you live. It’s also one of the most stressful. We made this decision an enjoyable one. The proof is in the pudding: 65% of the units at Harris East were sold on the grand opening weekend.

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They don’t just see their condo as their home. Instead, they see the entire neighbourhood as their home.



Sold opening weekend