Jazz Aviation: JazzNet

In your personal life and in your job there are always things you aren’t particularly psyched to do. It’s the unavoidable reality of being a grown-up. No one jumps for joy to file their taxes, skips down the laneway to throw out their garbage or whistles and hums while imputing their time sheets.

Jazz Aviation had a problem. The employee’s intranet was no longer cutting it. Employees were frustrated with a litany of unnecessary hurdles that made using the site more burden than joy. As stated above, there will always be tasks you don’t want to do, but using the Jazz intranet shouldn’t be one of them.

The Goal:

Give Air Canada Jazz employees the right tools for the job.

Key insight:

JazzNet, Jazz’s intranet is used company-wide. Flight attendants, pilots and maintenance crew all rely on it as a key instrument to do their job. Our first step was to improve the overall experience of JazzNet. This included a better, more efficient search functionality, implementing one universal password for all things JazzNet, making it Mac friendly and responsive, and finally we developed forums for employees to share ideas as well as voice concerns.

Now that JazzNet was up and running  it was time for the big reveal. It was important for Jazz to say, “we know this was a problem and we fixed it.” That helped to not only tell, but show employees that their leadership empathized with them. So to launch the site, we produced a video and posters that ran with the central idea that the right tools make everything easier. Toilet paper was replaced with sandpaper, telephones with Morse code oscillators and baggage belts with skateboards.  Employees understood Jazz heard their concerns and had addressed them. With Jazz poking fun at themselves, they were able to lessen longstanding frustration while boosting employee morale.

The Results:

Jazz employees actually started smiling at their monitors. When logging into JazzNet, employee huffing and puffing decreased by almost 50%. Trying to improve corporate culture? Give us a shout!


The right tools make everything easier.