Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament

Joe Carter’s walk-off home run in Game 6 of the 93’ World Series shifted the landscape of sports in Canada forever. It elevated Carter to icon status. 20 years later, this triumphant moment is still part of the national conversation.

2010 brought us the First Annual Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament. The event was an undeniable success with 75K being raised for the Children’s Aid Foundation. 6 years later, the event’s popularity continues to grow with no sign of plateauing. It turns out people really do love playing golf. They also love to support a good cause, especially when names like Wayne Gretzky, Charles Barkley and Charlie Sheen are involved.

The Goal:

Develop branding as iconic as a 9th inning, walk-off, World Series-clinching home run.

Key Insight:

Open up a new tab and Google Joe Carter’s name. Notice any consistencies? Long balls, smiles and celebrations are populated at the top of the page. It’s not often that such a legendary career can be so perfectly distilled down to a single still image. It has been in Joe’s case. This moment inspired the overarching branding and design language we developed in 2010 for the inaugural Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament.

From year-to-year, we develop a new overarching concept and theme for the tournament. The creative lives within specific constraints – a mashup that pairs baseball and golf. The constraints offer a unique challenge. This challenge has led to executions that include baseball bats in golf bags and golf-inspired baseball cards. We have almost as much fun every year with this creative opportunity as the golfers have on the course.

The Results:

Every year the tournament sells out without fail. Sponsorship has grown steadily year-by-year as well. The tournament and its encompassing activities have become a premier draw in Toronto. Crazy what hitting a clutch homer can lead to isn’t it?

Let’s play ball! Holler at us and let’s get to work.


It’s not often that such a Legendary career can be so perfectly distilled down to a single still image



Million media impressions to date


Million in charitable donations generated ($)


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