Pizza Town

In 1990, the first Pizzatown was opened in Timberlea, Nova Scotia. Pizzatown was a welcome change in local dining. Rob Toulany, Pizzatown’s owner, prioritized high quality ingredients including premium cheeses and the freshest meats and veggies. His high standards set Pizzatown apart from the local competition.

Early success led to expansion and new franchises. Today, there are 8 Pizzatown locations scattered throughout Nova Scotia, all with a consistent look and feel. Rob understood that as Pizzatown grew, the branding needed to evolve to match the high quality, health conscious ethos the brand embodied. This is where we come into the picture.

The Goal:

Get customers to think differently about the food options available at Pizzatown 

Key insight:

We needed to distance Pizzatown from the old school family style aesthetic so closely associated with Pizza. The solution was an approach rarely seen in the pizza industry but utilized effectively in many other industries. Everything from the logo, typography and photography was simplified. Black and white became the brands primary colour scheme and a less is more approach was fully embraced. By shifting the brands foundation we forced people to re-think pizza.

The Results:

Customers and franchises embraced the re-invigorated brand as a welcomed change. Pizzatown reputation is now closely associated with health and the highest quality. Mission accomplished.

Do you want your branding to better reflect the true nature of your business? We certainly do. Give us a shout.


everything from the logo, typography and photography was simplified



Pizzatown locations in Nova Scotia


Pizza Slices eaten while writing this