Scotian Wind

Wind energy is one of the world’s cleanest sources of energy and if there’s one thing Nova Scotian’s know, it’s strong gusts and heavy elements. Scotian Wind is the “biggest of the small generators” of wind power in Nova Scotia. This little-business-that-could combines true community collaboration and technical know-how to generate clean energy. We were asked to help tell their story.

The Goal:

Help shift popular opinion surrounding Wind turbines by simplifying their true purpose and highlighting their value to a wider audience. 

Key insight:

Scotian Wind needed to break down barriers and stigmas about wind power. People are afraid of what they don’t understand, and most people don’t understand wind turbines. How do they work? Do they kill birds? Can they give people epilepsy? These myths to the general publics are believed to be truths. Ultimately we needed to shift popular perception. This is a massive undertaking, but a new website was as good a place as any to start. We needed to educate people on a complex concept in a way that made it no longer scary, but instead positive, innovative and exciting.

This insight was uncovered in a comprehensive brand audit. Corporations, as much as people, can lose sight of what differentiates them, what they’re accomplishing and the good they’re doing. We needed to truly understand what makes this business tick. After sitting down with the entire organization (an incredibly young, vibrant and passionate group) we were able to develop a detailed brand positioning that ultimately informed how the website was developed and how the brand’s voice was established.

The Results:

We eased people’s fear through execution, by making wind friendly and familiar – this insight was the foremost inspiration of the site’s overall design. From animated bobbing clouds made of cut paper, to subtle cinemagraphs of wind affecting the testimonial photos and copy chronicling to Nova Scotia’s rich relationship with wind. In the end, we’re helping people say, “hey, there’s nothing to fear here – whether you’re a person or an albatross.”

Check out the site for yourself, and then give us a shout, we’d love to learn about your business and see how we could potentially help.


If there’s one thing Nova Scotians know, it’s a gust of wind. It’s a major part of our lives.  Scotian Wind harnesses that power and re-distributes it.