Scotian Wind

If there’s one thing Nova Scotians know, it’s a gust of wind. It’s a part of our lives and Scotian Wind harnesses that power and distributes it back to Nova Scotians.

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Breton Brewing Co.

Cape Breton is a special place. It’s hard to articulate what exactly makes it, it. It’s even harder to try and brand it. 

Cadillac Fairview

Cadillac Fairview retail locations stretch across Canada from East to West. That story needed to be told.

Cadillac Fairview Luxury

Cadillac Fairview needed to tell the story of their luxury retail malls.

Dippity-do: Girls with Curls

Curls are hot. Very hot. They can be a source of constant pride and pain for those with the luscious locks.

Harris East

Promoting anything in Halifax’s North End means appealing to an audience with a deep seeded need for community involvement.

Fight For Independence

In the end the biggest winner is never crowned in the ring.

Saint Lawrence Place

St. Lawrence Place, a new condo development in Halifax’s bustling Fairview neighbourhood, needed a big idea to attract residents.

Aqua Vista

As is the case with any building, some units just aren’t as sought after. These units are always the hardest to sell. This is when we got involved with Aqua Vista.

Horseshoe Ridge Homes

Ontario’s cottage country is home to some of the province’s (if the country’s) most desirable real estate. This was our opportunity to show people just that.

Unlike Cyberbullying

The Nova Scotian Government wanted to take a firm stance against cyberbullying and bring it to the forefront of the conversation in the Province.

Battle of the Glen

Canadian Scotch Whisky. That’s not a typo.

Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament

Joe Carter is an icon not only on the field, and the course but in the community as well.

Pizza Town

Pizza Town isn’t your typical Pizza joint. It needed to look different.


There will always be tasks you don’t want to do, using the Air Canada Jazz intranet shouldn’t be one of them.