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Every creative agency, freelancer, and grandmama has a blog, so why does Famous Folks need one? Isn’t it enough to make great work?

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15 Minutes Around the North End

Harris East condos are ideally located for residents to take full advantage of everything the North End offers.

East Of Grafton

Cooking up a new restaurant. Cheffin’ up something with a twist.

Breton Brewing Co.

Cape Breton is a special place. It’s hard to articulate what exactly makes it, it. It’s even harder to try and brand it. 

Dippity-do: Girls with Curls

Curls are hot. Very hot. They can be a source of constant pride and pain for those with the luscious locks.

Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament

Joe Carter is an icon not only on the field, and the course but in the community as well.