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We all have a story to tell. Here’s ours...

We started as entrepreneurs 13 years ago who wanted to build something. So that’s exactly what we did. Over and over again. Big things, small things, and in-between things.

Then we thought, why not help other people build their things too? Since then, we’ve been helping other entrepreneurs and business folk build things by listening as closely as we can and working through solutions together. We understand their struggles because we’ve been there. We’ve been through the successes and the failures. And because of those experiences, we’re really good at finding the right audience and connecting with them.

We’re ready to help you build something great—something human.


Connect With Purpose

We truly believe actions speak louder than words. Just saying you believe something isn’t enough. You need to show it and live it, in a way that authentically connects with what your consumers truly believe in.

People expect brands to represent more than simply a product, and it’s shifting the way we as marketers must act. Customers want to invest in brands that are lead with a human-driven purpose, one that aligns with their values and isn’t just lip service. This rising demand for meaning cannot be ignored. More than simply talking the talk, you need to build a brand that delivers on your promise and gives consumers a reason to believe in you. Sometimes this means wading into waters that may make you uncomfortable, and that’s okay. Feeling uncomfortable means you’re headed in the right direction.


Branding + Content

Your brand. A culture of your own; how you look, speak and act, tailored to you and your audience, and brought to life through value-driven content.

Our Culture

We are a family that celebrates each other’s wins and failures.

A big win is great, but we understand that success takes trying, failing and trying again. Getting things wrong and learning from our mistakes is a natural part of the process, and one of the steps required for honing in on the right solution. So we encourage it, and have built our culture around supporting each other in our wins and losses. This level of trust, clarity and support is what we strive for in every team relationship we build, amongst ourselves and with our clients.


How We Work

There are three key stages to every successful project designed to dig deep, find solutions, and create tangible, meaningful results for your brand: research, strategy & planning, and execution.



Every new partnership starts with listening: to you, your customers, and the world around you. What we hear and the insights we discover from a snapshot of you and your world, which guides all of the brand work to come.

Strategy + Planning

Where can you connect? What can you own? How do these things come together, and what does that look like over time? The answers to these questions begin building a story, a narrative roadmap from your brand to your consumer.


This is where it all comes to life: design and content working together to deliver your brand effectively, ensuring people remember you for the right reasons. This is where you begin to see authentic connections with your audience and build meaningful value.


Jay Dingwall

CEO & Partner


Adam MacLean

Creative Director & Partner


Andrew Rygiel

Director of Accounts


Young Seo

Sr. Designer


Deirdre Thibault

Associate Creative Director


Angela Ip

UX Designer


Ashley O’Brien



Bevo MacLean

Branch Manager