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Famous Folks Ohana Partnership

Famous Folks partners with Ohana Operators

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Famous Folks partners with Ohana Operators

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Jay Dingwall

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Famous Folks has partnered with California-based Go-to-Market specialists, Ohana Operators, to help growth-stage tech startups define their brands with investors and customers. As part of a larger GTM process, Famous Folks will help Ohana’s clients develop the more meaningful messaging, positioning and strategy necessary to build momentum toward predictable growth. 


Ohana is a network of proven executives, led by CEO Eelco van Maaren, that builds high performance revenue engines for companies by putting in place the systems and fractional expertise needed to go-to-market successfully.  


“This is a big opportunity to get the type of strategic messaging that usually comes much further down the line for young companies looking to grow,” says Jay Dingwall, CEO of Famous Folks. He adds that many founders aren’t clear on their messaging when they speak to investors, which can really hurt their chances of finding the funding they need. “Taking this step creates a clear advantage in a tightening investment landscape, especially when developed as part of a wider GTM strategy.” 


Famous Folks is a Toronto-based branding agency offering full service and fractional design and strategy for Fortune 500 companies, particularly in the emerging tech, ethical business and green energy sectors in Europe and North America.


The agency also offers an online branding education and coaching system for startup founders called PurposeLed.