Power to the people.

A gateway to all things crypto, Jaxx is one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallets. During a rebrand of their parent company Decentral, we took on rethinking the Jaxx brand to reflect the new company’s visual direction. The refreshed Jaxx identity would need to differentiate it from the increasingly competitive blockchain wallet market, making it stand out and continue to lead the charge.


A user-friendly service that anyone can use.

The Cryptocurrency space is so new that it’s common for people to be a little skeptical of it. Coinberry was the new kid on the block when we began working with them, and this was a challenge that they had been facing since their launch. We saw an opportunity for Coinberry to differentiate itself as a brand and connect with its audiences on a more emotional level, simplifying the brand so that anyone could be a part of it.

Cape Breton Eagles

Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.

After 19 years of a well worn brand, The Cape Breton Screaming Eagles, one of Canada’s major junior hockey teams, was in need of a refresh. The team came to us looking for something that reflected their new set of core values, and that would unite their team members from across the country under one banner of pride and comradery. We established a new identity for the Eagles to own, one that would distinguish them from their competitors and inject refreshed excitement and passion into their team and the entire community of fans.


Literacy unlocks life.

A charity fighting for global literacy through creating accessible, mother tongue stories, NABU was struggling with spreading their message and mission in a clear and concise way. They found themselves in need of a new approach to their strategy and brand and came to us for support. Working together, we redefined NABU’s brand experience to reflect the vibrancy of the cultures they support in the world-class charity work they do.

Black Wolf

Extra effective skincare for guys. Without the extra.

Black Wolf is a smooth new line of men’s skincare products focusing on value, effectiveness and simplicity. When we met the founders of Black Wolf, they needed a strategy and brand that matched the quality and straight forward approach of their products. Working closely with Alex and Sam, we looked at every aspect of their business and helped them reshape their brand and promote it effectively to their audience.

CF LUX 3.0

Canada’s need for luxury retailers.

With retail at a crossroads, CF recognized the potential within the luxury retail market of surviving the upheaval of brick and mortar stores. With locations coast-to-coast, Cadillac Fairview wanted to develop a distinct voice for its luxury locations to attract luxury retailers.


Choose to change your world.

Decentral is a blockchain giant whose mission is to make cryptocurrencies of all types accessible to everyone. We were tasked with developing a brand strategy and visual identity system for all of Decentral’s entities, that would successfully position and differentiate the company, along with its services and products, in the increasingly hot blockchain space.


Investing for everyone.

Everyone and anyone can be an investor. This was the core belief of our startup FreedomX, and they were in need of a brand and campaign built to match such a game changing perspective. Through their services, anyone would be able to invest in any start-up that they felt passionate about, without the usual barriers and limitations. Our job was to craft a brand as disruptive and liberating as the FreedomX investing model was to the venture capital game.