Cape Breton Eagles

Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.

After 19 years of a well worn brand, The Cape Breton Screaming Eagles, one of Canada’s major junior hockey teams, was in need of a refresh. The team came to us looking for something that reflected their new set of core values, and that would unite their team members from across the country under one banner of pride and comradery. We established a new identity for the Eagles to own, one that would distinguish them from their competitors and inject refreshed excitement and passion into their team and the entire community of fans.


Literacy unlocks life.

A charity fighting for global literacy through creating accessible, mother tongue stories, NABU was struggling with spreading their message and mission in a clear and concise way. They found themselves in need of a new approach to their strategy and brand and came to us for support. Working together, we redefined NABU’s brand experience to reflect the vibrancy of the cultures they support in the world-class charity work they do.