Skin of Earth

Do good. Feel good. Look good.

Sometimes ideas come along that are too good not to try. That’s how we felt about Skin of Earth. The idea was this: create a streetwear fashion brand made from 100% ethically sourced materials, that would collaborate with influencers to promote charities they believed in, raising funds and awareness for deserving causes worldwide. To achieve this we developed a minimalist, streetwear-inspired brand that would influence all of the materials needed to get our idea off the ground.


A user-friendly service that anyone can use.

The Cryptocurrency space is so new that it’s common for people to be a little skeptical of it. Coinberry was the new kid on the block when we began working with them, and this was a challenge that they had been facing since their launch. We saw an opportunity for Coinberry to differentiate itself as a brand and connect with its audiences on a more emotional level, simplifying the brand so that anyone could be a part of it.

Black Wolf

Extra effective skincare for guys. Without the extra.

Black Wolf is a smooth new line of men’s skincare products focusing on value, effectiveness and simplicity. When we met the founders of Black Wolf, they needed a strategy and brand that matched the quality and straight forward approach of their products. Working closely with Alex and Sam, we looked at every aspect of their business and helped them reshape their brand and promote it effectively to their audience.